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Commemorating World Press Freedom Day: A road to Peace in Colombia

Today, on a day that invites us to reflect on the importance of the free flow of information, we would like to highlight the crucial role played by the media in the consolidation of peace in Colombia.

In a country that has gone through turbulent times, the ability to access truthful and diverse information becomes a catalyst for positive transformation. By reporting in an unbiased and transparent manner, the media not only provides society with a deeper understanding of the challenges it faces, but also opens spaces for dialogue and consensus building.

In the peace-building process, it is essential that all voices be heard and that an open exchange of ideas be promoted. The media play an essential role in providing platforms for the expression of diverse perspectives and the promotion of constructive debate. In doing so, they contribute to the creation of a culture of peace based on mutual respect, tolerance and inclusion.

Moreover, freedom of the press is an essential component of democracy and a key mechanism for ensuring accountability and transparency in all spheres of society. By empowering citizens with access to reliable information, the media strengthen citizen participation and promote fairer and more equitable governance. From the MPTF, We support initiatives that strengthen communication in the territories, both in the exercise of independent journalism and in the promotion of safe environments for communicators, bringing information of interest to the PDET municipalities.

On this day, we want to recognize and celebrate the hard work of all those who work in the media, from journalists to editors and producers. Their dedication and commitment to truth and integrity are fundamental to the progress of our society.

On the road to peace, we reaffirm our commitment to support a vibrant and pluralistic media environment, where press freedom is respected and protected. Only through access to truthful and diverse information can we advance toward a future of peace and prosperity for all Colombians.

We asked Laila Abu Shihab, Colombian journalist, about the relationship between press freedom and peace building and this is her answer (in Spanish):


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